The therapeutic benefits of creative pursuits such as music and art have been proven worldwide, especially in the areas of aged care and dementia therapy. Research has consistently shown that creative therapies can, and do, improve the cognitive function and mental wellbeing of dementia patients.


The Creative Dementia Therapy Scholarship aims to award a scholarship prize to a student or students who display excellence in the area of creative dementia therapy. Applicants are required to design, develop and monitor a creative therapy program for use in residential nursing homes. The winning entry will receive a monetary scholarship to facilitate further study, and the winning scholar/s will undertake a period of industry placement with Hunter Valley Care.


1. To be eligible for the scholarship prize, applicants must be enrolled in any program within the Faculty of Health & Medicine, Education & Arts, or Science & Information Technology at the University of Newcastle, Australia (Post-doctoral, Doctoral, Master, or Bachelor level).

2. Applicants must design a comprehensive therapy program for nursing home residents diagnosed with dementia.

3. The program must revolve around a creative concept such as music or art.

4. The program should include:

  • A clear set of objectives.
  • A clear set of outcomes that can be monitored and reviewed.
  • A plan for at least 12 months’ worth of therapy activities.

5. Applications should be submitted online via the scholarship website (web address to be provided in due course).

6. The proposal should contain the title of the program, applicant(s)’ personal details and qualifications, specific objectives of the program, program details, implementation plan, outcome measures, evaluation plan, budget plan and justification, and time commitment to the project. A maximum of 25 references could be included.

7. The success of the winning program must be evaluated and analysed by its developer after its initial 12-month implementation in our facilities and a report submitted to Hunter Valley Care within three months after the 12-month implementation.


Hunter Valley Care will provide one scholarship to the value of $15,000 over one year. The scholarship will be disbursed on a fortnightly basis, commencing 1st January, 2015 and concluding 31st December, 2015. This means a lump sum will be awarded in June (fortnightly payments of $576 backdated to 1st January) followed by regular fortnightly payments until the end of the year ($576 per fortnight). If the scholarship is awarded to a group of scholars, the scholarship bourse will be evenly distributed amongst the successful scholars.


1. To begin the application process and access valuable resources and information, applicants should visit
2. Applicants may form a group of three people or fewer to submit a group entry. If a group entry is deemed the winner, the scholarship prize money will be divided equally amongst all members of the group.
3. If forming a team for a group entry, applicants are encouraged to collaborate with students from different disciplines. For example, a Music student may wish to collaborate with a Nursing student to develop a program.
4. Before preparing for the application, applicants are strongly advised to visit to familiarise themselves with Hunter Valley Care and its aims and operations.
5. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to connect with Hunter Valley Care on Facebook by ‘liking’ our official page ( This will ensure applicants keep up-to-date with Hunter Valley Care.


The application deadline is 30th April, 2015. After this date no further applications will be accepted.


Click here to download a copy of the Scholarship Criteria.