1. Read the Scholarship Criteria

For all the details about the scholarship and how it works, refer to the Criteria here and download a copy to keep handy.

2. Register and create a profile

If, after reading the Criteria, you decide to enter the competition – great! The first thing you’ll want to do is register your details and create a profile, which you can do here. Creating a profile ensures that you’ll be fully engaged throughout the project – this site will be the central hub for updates, communication and collaboration with teammates.

3. Learn about Hunter Valley Care

Be sure to familiarise yourself with Hunter Valley Care, its aims and its operations before embarking on the project. It’s important that you understand the care environments for which your program will be developed.

4. Browse some resources

Head to our Resources page to find some inspiration for your project. There’s plenty of links to information about different types of dementia therapy programs to help you decide what sort of program you want to develop.

5. Find teammates

Collaboration is highly encouraged for this project. Visit our Message Boards to find a teammate or simply to chat about the project.

6. Stay up-to-date as you work on your project

We’ll be providing constant updates, information and tips throughout the duration of the entry period. Be sure to visit this site regularly to stay up-to-date and ensure your project is the best it can be!